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I design, produce and paint modular terrain that you can easily take with you on the go from place to place, for those who have little space, or travel and still want to be able to play with proper terrain.

It all started with an idea I had a couple of years ago, when I myself had less space where I lived, but still played with hand-made terrain. It simply took up too much space for it to be practical, and I somehow never managed to fill up an entire table with as much as I wanted.

So in the summer of 2023, I started a collaboration with a 3D designer to design modular terrain, which could be easily packed together and stacked, so it took up little space when it was for storage, but also little space in the bag when you took it from place to place.
The first set of terrain is already finished and ready for use. It is magnetized area terrain, where you can exchange the tops so you have 3 different sets you can use, or mix and match.

The next phase and products are already under design and/or planning. The whole thing should result in a set of terrains that are packed into each other, and should come in a small case.
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